1. About ME


    So in the past three weeks I gained like 100+ followers so I feel like I need to write one of these things. 

    My name is _______________

    I write as BlackAmazon and have done so for about 7 years.I am 28 years old. And there is a common misconceptin on the internet I am much older. Don’t know how or why. First on blogger, then on tumblr, with intermittent pop ups by twitter and a foray into youtube.

    I am a 5’10 ( hence the Amazon) American born Guyanese.I write mostly as testimony to the fact I exist, and that my existence is not some weird extraordinary magical fact.

     My parents left after the upheaval with the PPP and PNP. My mother was/is an 1199 health care -home aide and housekeeper. Meaning she was the unionized cleaner in the homes of the elderly,sick and differently abled. She made less than your average personally employed housekeeper, has seen most of her hours, pay , and healthcare go kaput and raised me often on the floors of white folks. She is the extra cleaning help at Christmas parties.

    My father… our relationship is complicated. I love him deeply but he has messed my life up in some ways.He has often been physically present but emotionally absent. However, being a West Indian male , he also has been fiercely and VIOLENTLY protective of me ,in a way that I have both adopted for myself and expect from other people in my life.

    These two people combined with a small army of folks have allowed me to take my demographic and in some ways transcend, maintain, and underacheive in amazing ways. A graduate of the Prep for Prep program, I have been educated at the nation’s finest schools.

    As the child of the maid’s back up I have had a unique perspective.. Prominently visible and tokenized but often invisible . I have none of the rosy preconception of power or money. As such I am kind of personally disdainful and judgemental about materialism. I am working on it.

    At my internationally renowned College ( we’re named after a historical singularity around the revolutionary war). I gained a really great perspective on business, race, class and culture, that has shaped my views to this day. 

    I am staunchly:

    • pro black 
    • pro black girl
    • pro plain speech
    • pro LGBTQ
    • pro causation 

    I have deep issues with the black middle and upper class, which I am woman enough to admit are intertwined n my failure to join like I was supposed to, my dream like fantasy of what it was, and my deep commitment to #Team Ratchet, #Team Yardfowl, #Team Judgemental West Indian and #Team Victorian Nun .

    A sex assault survivor, I gained LOTS of weight and have lost about 40 pounds of it . I am about to do a fast for personal cleaning as I transition away from m day job and into my passions.

    A member of the Body Ecology Performance Ensemble, I am a trained classical vocalist who hasnt trained in years and is staunchly sad about that, a polyglot , independent booty check popper and twerker., lover of fine foods.

    I have kept the same crush as a low lying hum for 4 years, am coming into my own sexuality and am a poster child for ADHD.

    I choose who is ” mine” and proceed to come out of the cage like a feral lioness, which happens to be my sign.

    My research interests are social media as personal curation, Afro-Diasporic performance and communication, public history, AA women’s self publishing.

    And finding a large man to produce some babies with.

    My pronouns are of the she variety and I am a cis woman. I am a Black woman of multiethnic background and 

    I am SUCH A NERD.