1. Studies find that with identical résumés, those with “white sounding” names have a 50 percent higher response rate from prospective employees than do those with “black sounding” names. Whites on average outearn Latinos and blacks, with or without controlling for education. Since the Great Recession, average white net wealth has increased to 18 times that of Latinos and 20 times that of African Americans. The Latino unemployment rate is about 40 percent that of whites, while the African-American rate is 100 percent higher. Whites and blacks consume illegal drugs at similar rates, but whites are less likely than blacks to be stopped by the police, arrested or convicted — or to receive prison time once convicted — even for first-time offenders of the same crime.

    Leaning Right: How Conservative Myths Stoke Racial Fear (via robot-heart-politics)

    THIS. IS. WHITE. PRIVILEGE. Straight up. No chaser. I dare a mothafucka to tell me otherwise. I DARE YOU.

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