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    color·blinding: I am Black. Whiteness is dependent on my inhumanity and enslavement. Whiteness is my enemy. I will not be nice to it.





    Coming into a post wherein I’m…

    So everyone before me is making all the salient intellectual points.

    But I want to point out that right now , the response to a young woman of color talking about her SUBJECTIVE experience of racism on HER OWN BLOG and being told to “correct” her structure

    ( you claim to be a student then you know of MANY texts including many by WHITE authors that use the EXACT SAME rhetorical and ontological structure)

    Is that she is ignored .

    Like right now , and ” you are free not to respond” followed by a list of her supposed flaws an association with every racial evil you ever experienced is not a honoring of that request

    Her boundaries are being disrespected so as to defend some aspect of


    Because how dare anything be received well without tht being defended

    I do not care what you are or identify as but what your are saying is that the words of a black woman do not matter against what you THINK you heard

    And her desire to protect herself from such CONTINUAL experiences matter less than tour need to be intellectually dishonest .


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      Yes, we’re all confused as to why her responses seemed to suggest that to you. Isn’t it wonderful when disparate parties...
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      Nope, not about my life story. Relevant response here. Also, I followed her tumblr for the past three weeks, but I...
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      You are still determined to make this conversation about you, your needs, your desires & your experience. You don’t want...
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      So everyone before me is making all the salient intellectual points.But I want to point out that right now , the...
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      I have only met ONE, and that’s Fremen. Other than that? Not at all…
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