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    What we’re watching is the death of the Democratic Party. Or, at least the Democratic Party as most of us have known it. The one that has taken its identity in the modern era from FDR and the New Deal, from Keynesianism and the social safety net. Despite any of its other shortcomings (and they are myriad), the Democratic Party has stood as a symbol for commitment to these principles. As recently as 2006, Democrats retook the House in a surprise wave election because the public feared that George Bush would destroy Social Security, and they trusted the Democrats over Republicans to secure it. Just like George Bush, Obama now wants to “save” Social Security….by giving those who want to burn it to the ground the the very thing they’ve wanted for decades.

    Jane Hamsher (via azspot)

    That Democratic Party hasn’t existed since Lyndon B. Johnson was president. The Party is just now making it plainly obvious for people, now that there aren’t any political means of fighting back.

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    That Democratic Party never existed, any more than “the Party of Lincoln” as romanticized by Tea Partiers. And blue-dog white-progressives like Hamsher and FDL are at least as much of a problem in US politics as the Democratic Party itself, with their legendary racism from Blackface Lieberman and Yellowface Dubya, to more recent discussion on electoral strategy for how “white progressives will be able to defeat blacks” (via Nanette).

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    • you do know that one of the MAIN thrusts of FDR being elected ( he was actually terrifically UN popular in sections of the upper class) was his strategy of switching large chunks of black migrant voters from Republican to Democrat ( since LINCOLN) . Just so Hamsher and the racists are aware that alienating a group that however fractured maintains a very SEPARATE mobilizing apparatus is … Ya know bad.

    • Kai does not like me like I like him or he wouldn’t have shown me this.

    • there is a very nice an explicit reason why in pre election planning there is an upswing in what to do with Negroes talk. If in 2008 it was inquisitive 2012 is combative , you give these mofos power and they stop accepting our authority.

    • Jane hamster has an always will be an opportunistic racist git. Seriously Kai ” hums why don’t you love me”

    • so the senators congressmen councilmen who are allowing these dealings to happen are all powerless to THE OBAMA. we don’t have to take the party back from them? Just Obama

    • maegan is beautiful and seeing her makes me happy.

    • this is why ally of and allied WITH are important distinctions

    • as you can tell I am more amused than angry cause seriously bring a helmet and your weapons if open season on black girls is over next is straight up war

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