1. 10:17 14th May 2011

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    Thank you! I personally have huge issues with the structure and theory behind slut reclamation BUT those are I think my own .

    This happens regular like clock work.

    Issues brought up by marginalized within the BEGINNING of the creation of an action are ignored leading to a STRUCTURE and systematic process where concerns and potential challenges
    are not even evaluated

    The action is deemed au caurant enough to get larger notice usually by a very privileged institution or news source, which covers it bringing the good of more attention but the problem of prioritizing privilege

    The attention leads to responses,pranks, and critique. Some consistent with the ORIGINAL questions raised but now a good set of it just oppositional and hindering.

    With no PREVIOUS SYSTEMS to separate , address, and verify critique or areas for improvement , a scorched earth policy is adapted wherein all critique that doesn’t present it self as subservient or maintaining the already problematic process is deemed oppositional, sapping energy and allowing for sneak attacks and bad rhetoric to seep.

    People who critiqued in the beginning OFTEN IN SUPPORT OF THE AIMS IF NOT THE PROCESS of the action, try to refocus the discussion by reiterating their ORIGINAL CRITIQUE

    Effectively of purposely erased from the record and timeline they are lumped in with the oppositional forces and vehemently , violently and personally attacked. OR critiqued as presenting themselves as spokespeople and erasers , while the VERY SAME BEHAVIOR or WORSE is FORGIVEN within the action for reasons of “solidarity or greatest impact”

    Disjointed unwelcoming and unfocused steam behind the action is worn out, the news cycle changes, people are PERMANENTLY alienated and those for whom this was often the most pressing are the LEAST served but those with enough privilege and resources now have networks and connections to add new levels of oppressive rhetoric and enjoy personal benefits under the guise of “progress”

    Second Verse same as the First

    Ex.- Black Power, Feminism, etc etc

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