1. 08:56 29th Apr 2013

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    Internet feminism #femfuture and the noose

    It’s amazingly difficult to be black on the Internet .

    Not a black celebrity , not a ” blacademic” just black regular old person

    And I’m gon’ go on that limb and say that it’s similar for many POC as well

    Like if you aren’t consuming and squeeing and snarling with no heart behind it

    It hurts your heart.

    Like can you imagine coming on line to some one saying nooses aren’t that bad?

    oh wait everyone can cause it happens.

    and no one has an answer or an amplification for that

    Femfuture? The glut of conferences about fixing what’s wrong with white feminism?

    Are about taking that blunt force psychic trauma and teaching white women how better to have high five figure jobs .

    And I could live with that if it didn’t make other things harder

    If writing your thesis on Feministing didn’t codify the idea WOC have two roles : invisible or under white women

    Of shucking you relationship advice didnt always come with a chapter on breaking women down

    If taking your surveys and conferences didnt make it hard for folks to trust each other

    But it always does

    No one brings up what happened to fem 2.0 or WAM or the NonProfits or the digital feminism centers that were supposed to happen or the state of black America or the code or the or the

    Thousands of ideas with no whys and lots of excitement that went pretty white or pretty make the minute funds came in

    That’s what I hate

    That they

    Don’t work

    Don’t survive

    And all that is left is a fractured mess of a landscape where it is HARDER to be visible safe and unassaulted in some of the few places folks had homes

    Congratulations though you got a hash tag

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