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    Found from artist Favianna Rodriguez’s facebook page:

    I just completed this poster for BAJI, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, in anticipation of their upcoming 5th anniversary.

    If you are in the Bay Area on June 4, 2011, come out and support an exemplary organizations in the immigrant rights movement. Tickets available by clicking here.

    Founded in April 2006, BAJI is an Oakland-based organization to engage African Americans and other communities in a dialogue that leads to actions that challenge U.S. immigration policy and the underlying issues of race, racism and economic inequity that frame it.

    BAJI works to expose the ways in which racism and economic globalization have negatively impacted African American and immigrant communities alike, giving us common cause to fight together for economic and social justice for all peoples. Their strategy includes providing education and information to Black communities about the commonality of interests between African Americans and immigrants of color.

    I’m such a fan of this organization and will be at the June 4th celebration!! Many thanks to Opal Tometi, who I met during my travels to Arizona, for working with me on this project.

    From the site:

    Welcome to the website of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. We are a group of African Americans and black immigrants who are working towards uniting communities for just and fair immigration reform in the United States and for justice and equality for all.

    What is the Black Alliance for Just Immigration?  A Call to African Americans and Black Immigrants from Gerald Lenoir!   http://vimeo.com/18029789


    Off to devour all info on the site and wash it down with some Andrea Smith, Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy!

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