1. Here’s why it MATTERS

    Let me talk about Three people. All on My feed . All people I adore,personally may not always agree with but adore  cause that’s how I relate to content things.This is done to put thing ins perspective for you of reports people generate and things and why this shit matters. I am PURPOSELY not given identifying details.

    My adderall has kicked in and I ma feeling scientific.So I need you to UNDERSTAND THIS

    Person 1

    • Black/mix raced Cis woman,military,multilingual,Masters degree, sci fi/fanfic  author,married, kids,briliant  intersectional analysis , fantastic writer,covers topics from race,gender, representation in sci-fi, cooking, intra black dynamics

    Person 2

    • White Cis woman , partnered, decades of coding experience, medical experience, archiving skills of AT LEASE a university specialist if not full director, writes on punk culture, pop culture, coding, healthcare, The Clash,sex,gender , optimization of media/user interface

    Person 3

    • Black/mixed raced gender queer, masters student, brilliant analysis on incarceration, gender , sociology,sexy work, intra black dynamics, dancer,”street” pop culture, gender performance ,poverty.

    Know what ANY of these people charge you to get insights in their mind ,work, thoughts 

    A free membership to frankly an increasingly crappy site and basic respect of their personal rules,

    All of this is done FREE while maintaing full time studies and jobs.

    All of this has been admitted to being studied by: Yale,Harvard U of Virginia, Virginia Tech , Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, CUNY, The NYTimes, Journal of Media, U of Chicago

    That data is compiled by no less than thousands of firms.

    I know because me

    • Black Mixed race woman, Ivy LEague educated,multilingual, classically trained performer, keynote speaker published author, writes on immigration,sex gender, pop culture, health, feminist history, music, performance studies ,feminist digital history

    when looking for job,s am asked by places  to “optimize” these populations, and not for thousands of dollars but to convince folks for MILLIONS of dollars, write policy, and REPORT TO THE UN.

    Oh god do you understand that outside of the cool as fuck , the value of so many people in money and policy that is splashed across your reader everyday ?

    DO YOU GET that a lot of anti-SJ is about trying to silence that not just for shits and giggles but for how it has real life RAMIFICATIONS.

    DO you get that part of the reason entire sites and papers have gone down is because they cant court those demos?

    When Jessica Valenti ( yes I said the name BECAUSE I NEED YOU TO GET THIS)says she’s gonna study digital feminism , you know I don’t like her , you know I find her toxic , but she has value and that value is the fact that they believe she can tell them or aggregate or plan something

    ABOUT how those THREE FOLKS will use the internet. 

    Mind you no one wants to admit it , but that’s what she has to sell 

    What Tumblr, facebook, google have to SELL.

    That populations for a long time that were ( here comes glad well ) “influencers” but hard to infiltrate now willy nilly talk in plain sight, for the most part even after other folks are being paid AFTER they are being study 

    as long as they feel the interface is good and the benefits outweigh the cost

    When Latoya Petersen says she’s studying social media and democracy . I hope even as i hold my grudge like a shield and pillow, that she goes beyond the trend reporting and talks about how social media networks , got her to where she is , how they funded SouthHall Sisters, how they started Jena.

    Not because I want credit but because the For Foundation is offering 80 grand to have someone research that to fund NGO creations in the MILLIONS.

    Shit I have college acquaintances who are making money and conferences off of merely name checking the work that NAME CHECKS these people.

    No credit for the content providers , no money , but by MERELY knowing it exists not even being in the convo

    And the people ( three I picked out of MOTHERFUCKING HAT  let me not start on my military lawyer, renowned sexologist professor,international traveling multilingual entrepreneur, election covering digital video auteur,master electrician, genderqueer 1st generation immigrant, transbiologist, multilingual service person, disabled public intellectual,scifi size activist or PHD candidate dancer INTERNATIONAL TEACHER ETC ETGOD DAMN CETERA )

    don’t ask for anything but the ability to talk to each other in PEACE

    shit if you are damn lucky and remotely active you get to call em friends 

    DO you know on the multiple screaming levels how much it offends me when folks go it doesn’t matter.

    DO you know how comically off that is.

    DO you understand the rage I get when folks have to pull up and deny this to the youth and each other cause someone is mad that the class/race/gender/ethnicity fantasy they had got schooled 


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