1. 22:17 30th Dec 2012

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    And it is entirely possible

    For BOTH to be true

    That someone is familiar , fluent and had constant access to a cultural language honestly

    And that indulging in it on a certain scale without actively supporting those who suffer the full brunt of it daily without resources to code switch is harmful

    And that’s not the Provence for anyone but those parties to decide


    Is anyone gonna go as hard as they are willing to go on Bey as they are on any of the black executives, middle class managers , professors, talking heads , fashionistas and others who completely decimate denigrate lower class black people and culture every chance they get in every venue they get

    But still wanna Twerk something and take stripper classes and keep sidepieces and steal hair and make up ideas and build fellowships and scholarships with even less regard or respect

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