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    Internet Mobility , Doxxing and Culture

    See this is on my mind because as an sj/feminist/black culture figure head of middling importance.

    It is becoming more and more obvious that 

    1. Being online so damn long does have benefits. I have a facility with culture, technology, trendspotting, community creation.
    2. Writing psuedonymously but CONSISTENTLY allows for build in influence. 
    3. Those skills that influence are hot commodities in terms of knowledge based work and future academic pursuit.
    4. That psuedonym has legs that are right now better than my OWN .
    5. However in being a bad editor, dyslexic etc it has been hurt.
    6. But also in being very pro black it has been slimed. 

     POC and people of certain class backgrounds to become mobile in this social media fueled world without certain resources must thread a really thin needle .

    Yeah you don’t wanna expose yourself but, in a land of intellectual theft run rampant to the point that you miss out on 50+ K salaries because of your inability to package or organize a shiny website, continuity may be all you have to start that push.

    Especially in teh world of left , cultural and non -profits 

    And the longer you take the better/worse it becomes . Because as maintainer provider , you prove your legs and your ability to stay current.But you miss on spaces where your work, your impact , and your own voice of it is circulated and formed without you

    ( My theater work and my online life are starting to cross and it is COMICAL how many folks are eager and excited to partner with Black women ” doing something” and being out there who have torn my happy ass to SHREDS as Black Amazon online)

    As well people severely over/underestimate the amount of info they leave out there and what they have the power to hide without money, something DV victims and supporters have been screaming since the days of the telegraph.

    The hyper visibility of being a POC in a culture where visibility is becoming more and more everything can be flipped to opportunities BUT once you use that , you’re left open to those consequences.


    staying “safe” often compromises your creativity and credit, especially if unlike most of the folks running around you deal with employment that does not allow for cultivation in a studied direct war or lots of downtime.

    The internet isn’t outside of our cultural norms and where it is is where we are seeing these great fissures. Access and secrecy have always worked in our society .

    The issue was who got to use tools in what way. People like violentacrez and spaces like creepshots have always existed , but they have been coupled with a culture that through racism , hegemony, etc have needed the participants ( middle class white men, and their colluders aspirants) ad the upholding of propriety more than adherence to the stated cultural values. 

    In a more open internet. The secrecy which prevent allied people from getting together and supporting each other based on fear of repercussion from those people is gone. If folks now have visible evidence that the threats of isolation and erasure or assault won’t hold, in the form of tumblr reblogs, facebook likes, and tweets it becomes a lot harder to continue.

    It didn’t become more repugnant all of a sudden , it just became easier to get back up to speak your mind about it.

    the other side being if you become lauded as someone who never had those resources , and attract that attention often against the wishes of people with access .It becomes more and more necessary to try and use the same tactics BEFORE you achieve that kind of support.

    And it is trickier as those who are in that situation can’t count on unbridled support.

    WOC ,POC , LGBTQ people are ALSO battling a culture where people who are employed, and lauded on their ability to identify tipping points , must now act more as gate keepers rather than trend-spotting.

    Because if we constantly reveal that change.org or Dailykos or whomever can’t be trusted to find the intellectual pulse , they lose jobs ., until it can make it seem like their idea.

    So what in my mind actually unevens the playing field and security is the same thing that always has . 


    and what were seeing is a battle for control of throe resources, now that cultural capital isn’t so stringently controlled BUT is more feverishly valuable

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