1. liquornspice:


    That sensitivity has already influenced new products. The fruit combinations in McDonald’s latest smoothies, for instance, reflect taste preferences in minority communities. And when the company started heavily advertising coffee drinks last year, the ads emphasized the indulgent aspects of sweeter drinks like mochas, a message that resonated with blacks, says Golden.

    My dad and sister LOVE McDonald’s mochas.  And when I heard a commercial talkin bout mango smoothies I was like, “GIMMEEE…” 

    They are so brilliantly evil.


    What always makes me laugh in that deep belly sardonic way

    Is the fact that major advertisers, academics, international business men, money marketers…

    Can tell you QUICK and FAST the deep multi million dollar value of 

    " Chicken head , hood rat , street urban , hip hop , barrio youth culture " 

    Unadulterated, not sanitized 

    Not corporatized

    The raw MONEY making they see every time one of us with too long nails or neck tats or bright colored hair 


    but that has to be EXPLAINED to the rest of us because it’s not ” respectable”

    (Source: blackraincloud)