1. Who Sings songs to Black Girls?




    I’m confused. Are you saying that these young girls support Chris Brown because they appreciate that his songs are directed at them as Black girls or are you asking who these girls might better direct their admiration towards.

    I’m saying that a lot of the discourse around Chris Brown has been focused on Chris Brown and not on black girls, and when it has been focused on black girls it’s been patronizing , derisive and sometimes straight up cruel. When it comes to young Black girls there is a belief or thought that niceness or softness or even acknowledgment of the fervor of their commitment as anything other than stupidity or misguidedness has to be earned by having them do the ” right thing”

    and Chris Brown I can barely stand all his music I have for free, but he has spoken better of his fans as black girls than a lot of ” enlightened conscious progressive etc.” folks.

    And the venom directed around them and through them towards him or towards their support of him seems to NEVER EVER ask why or where it comes from in a way that doesn’t insinuate these girls are stupid and tragic and the downfall of all 

    and having had that in my life , it’s often not uncomprehendable why they might say they’d take the beating.

    It’s not pretty, it’s not the truth we’d like to tell ourselves but it happens and if we’re actually for these girls and NOT just what happens to him .

    We have to ask these questions

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      i personally have not felt that Chris Brown has ever spoken about a girl who looks like me in a positive light. thought...
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