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    I want to take a moment to talk about “Feministe” as an institution


    When Jill wrote “Filling the Gaps,” it wasn’t. It was “three people, of which I [Jill] am the only one who has any inclination to write regularly.” When Feministe was being taken to task for being one of MANY, MANY mainstream *F*eminist blogs to pass by Jessica Yee’s anthology, Feminism FOR REAL? Then Feministe was not an institution. It was a project, sustained by very few people who all have real jobs elsewhere. How could anyone even *suggest* that Jill is propping up an Internet *F*eminist institution that devalues the work of WOC and maintains a harmful status quo? She writes this shit on her lunch break, you guys.

    But when Feministe is criticized for giving a platform to Hugo Schwyzer, a known and un-accountable abuser, Jill doesn’t need to step in because Feministe is bigger than her. She is just one of many talented bloggers who have made Feministe what it is today. Other people have posted about it. Her health concerns (unlike those of certain other people) and personal life prevented her from participating in an institution-wide discussion, not a personal outlet.

    And I’m not saying that online discourse—even online enabling and online abuse culture—need to take precedence over everything else, even for *F*eminists. But I am saying that it’s very interesting to see who controls the language that we’re using. And I find it very interesting that the language being used right now, to describe pushback against a Noted Male Feminist who tried to murder his sleeping ex-girlfriend, is “internet blow-up” and not “racism” or “enabling” or “abuse culture.”

    I needed to include two quotes on this because it irked me and i want them seen but also because …. ah hells ith it . I’m trying to b eloping and problem solving but there is no nice way tout it. I want to have people se ethe levels of backbreaking asinine justification these people go to to appropriate work and avoid any consistency and call it a virtue 


    Kristen J.2.1.2012 at 10:26 am|

    @La Lubu,

    Feministe is not an object separable from the individuals who run it. Its not an institution with institutional power. An institution is more than just a couple of people working hard and having the ability to change lives. We all do that.

    It seems to me that you’re arguing for Feministe to step up and become an institution. But I find that antithetical to anti-oppression work for the reasons I mentioned above. Society is constantly free-riding on the efforts of a few volunteers and then flogging those volunteers for not doing enough. No one is obligated to be our center of collective action. If we want collective action we all have to participate.

    Because Feministe is not an institution the people who run it have the same responsibilities as you and I. Don’t cause harm. Don’t lie. Etc. Sometimes they fuck that up and get called on it. But sometimes they just don’t perform to our expectations, we turn our excellent institutional analysis on to humans which results in the stuff I said above, i.e., badness.

    I want everyone to read that and compare that to what happened and what was said and IN WHAT CONTEXT THIS IS HAPPENING

     ” I’m sorry ma’am you got sexually assaulted but delaingw ith it is hard supporting you unequivocally is hard so we’re gonna try and make sure we never are accountable for it.

    and remember tired Jill who was ” busy” and couldn’t meet with a nyone, answer anything eb responsible of anything but was SERIOUSLY not gonna tokenize people or wasn’t using folks as a away out of criticism for her own actions

    Jill2.1.2012 at 3:23 pm|*

    They’re straight, cis, able, neurotypical, affluent, employed, American and loving it. They care about their own, about celebrities, popular causes, and advancing their own careers. Anything difficult, or that doesn’t affect them directly might as well not exist.

    Yes clearly me, Hexy, Caperton and Sally are all straight, cis, able, neurotypical, affluent, employed American and loving it. And we only care about celebrities and popular causes and advancing our own careers. And all of our careers are in feminism. Right?

    I mean seriously? I understand this is the go-to insult when it comes to complaining about The Big Feminist Bloggers, but maybe think it through for a minute and consider if it really fits.


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